All the Birds

You may know that, in the US, women were once referred to as Chicks.  To be fair, I don’t know if people still use the term Chick in the US.  It could have fallen out of favour or it could have been considered inappropriate with the PC brigade.  Well, here in the UK, women are still occasionally referred to as Birds.  At one point, one of the first times we met in person, he was surrounded  by a group of ladies and I couldn’t help but laugh: all the birds love Troy.  Why wouldn’t they?  

On our honeymoon we went to the Farne Islands on a blustery showery summer day to see the Puffins and Arctic Terns.  Puffins build nests into the ground so I would see one, turn to grab Troy to get his attention and the Puffin was gone!  Not into the air – just gone.  Finally I saw one, beak full of fishes, dash into its burrow.  From that point we knew to keep an eye on one so that we could see the adorable waddle into burrows.  The Arctic Terns that summer on the Farne Islands build a nest, lay eggs and raise young.  We arrived to find beautiful 6-8 inch balls of white fluff with an eager beak, and their angry parents dive-bombing Troy.  At one point he said:

Stop attacking me!  Don’t you know I’m a member of the RSPB?

After the Great Tit Rescue and our fluttery honeymoon, I decided to give Troy a great holiday experience at Birdworld. Birdworld is a zoo-type place just for birds. His experience started before the place officially opened and he spent the morning preparing and feeding the birds. I tootled off to the nearest town and had an expensive coffee at one of the many usual shops. Troy prepared food for the many types of birds under the supervision of a guide. At one point a laughing thrush pressed herself against the fence while Troy gave her a tickle on her breast while asking, Do you like it there? Or there? and she is practically saying to him Give it to me Big Boy! He fed the penguins and, because one of the adults didn’t like Troy getting so close to her chicks, she pecked him and for over a month later, he had a red blister which he pointed at and said with a kicking motion

That was nearly the first penguin in space!

When we met for lunch, he told me that I had competition: Tallulah was a pink and grey parrot who – according to the guide – just might take a banana chip from Troy.  The guide was only partly right: Tallulah hopped onto Troy’s hand, marched up his arm, settled onto his shoulder and whispered sweet nothings into his ear.  The guide was astounded!  Tallulah had never done anything like that – she normally shunned attention.  Troy became a Birdworld sensation and one of the guides said:

Your wife will be surprised!

No. No, she won’t. All the birds love me.

Published by Jade Hammer

It is in the deepest night that I have contemplated all the things I have thought, said and done. Why these things come to me at night probably says a lot about how the mind belittles and magnifies aspects of the personality. In sleeplessness, you see nothing, you also see everything: life themes, life lessons, ways to better approach your own thoughts, words and deeds. My name is Jade Hammer and these are the life lessons that have kept me up at night.

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